These Little Piggies

My son has a fascination with toes. He sucks on his. He giggles at mine. As well as he should, at six months he doesn’t realize that mommy’s long toes are not nearly as cute as his.

One day as we were laying on the floor looking up at my toes, I realized that mine (especially my feet) have been the source of much fulfillment in my life. As a kid, I packed them into toe shoes to dance for many hours, days on end. And as an adult, they’ve propelled me across numerous half-marathon finish lines.

I once thought I had ugly toes (the toe shoes didn’t help that cause) but, when they’re dressed in OPI Lincoln Park After Dark polish, I actually think that they’re not so bad. Especially now when they make my baby boy laugh; it melts my heart each time. I believe my relationship with toes has changed.

These Little Piggies

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