Washing It Away

From the moment I step into the warm stream of water, I’m relaxed. Every pressure, each stress, and all tension leaves my body. The water carries them down the drain. There, in the shower,  I rest. (I’m sure that I have nodded off into sleep once or twice while standing there.)

After becoming a mom, this daily task has no longer a definitive part of my day. This simple act of cleaning has taken on new meaning. Before child, my shower was the place where articles took shape, things-to-do lists were composed and ideas popped up. I was in and out. Now, I linger under the hot water. I never want to leave. Its provides a canopy of warmth and quiet that isn’t outside the stall. When it’s time to step out, reality hits as a cold breeze. But without this watery meditation, the world that I face would seem overwhelming.

Washing It Away

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