Growing Up Granola

It never failed. No matter whom I lived with there was two loaves of bread in the kitchen. Mine has always been the whole-grain variety, while my roommate’s was white. The reason why I mention this is that more and more research is proving that what you eat affects the way you feel and your health. As my friends and I get older, eating better is a priority.

I’m thankful that I grew up granola. As a child my mom shopped at the natural food store—way before the days of Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Markets. She even made our peanut butter by grinding the nuts in the food processor. At a young age, I developed the taste for whole grains. I’m not sure that transitioning to their taste now would be that easy. To illustrate my point, I’ll share my Wonder bread experience.

I was moving into my friend’s apartment in Westwood all day and that night I had plans to see a friend’s band play. She was on vacation and I hadn’t had the opportunity to get to the grocery store. I had to eat something before going out so I rummaged through the kitchen. The only thing I found to eat was Wonder bread, JIF peanut butter and Welsh’s grape jelly. (I hadn’t eaten any of those things since I was 11-years-old and on vacation with another family.) So I fixed myself a sandwich and proceed to experience an assault on my tastebuds.

When I bit into the sandwich, it was like eating a chemical sponge (that tingled on my tongue. Ewww.) with sugar mixed with something-that-vaguely-tasted-like peanuts and grapes. I was so hungry I choked it down. The next day the first thing I did was go grocery shopping. My new roommate came home and made fun of my whole grain bread, almond cheese and green goddess juice.

Flash-forward a few years after I had  moved out. I look in her fridge. It’s like I never left. You see she changed her diet to match mine, including the green juice. She had gone to the doctor who told her that she had to change the way she ate. It was taking her awhile to get used to it but her tastes were changing. Luckily, she is the one who needed to makeover her diet. I’m not sure I could adopt her preservative-laden one.

So to everyone changing their diet to more whole foods, I commend you. I don’t think I have the discipline to do so.

Growing Up Granola

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