When Breaking Through is Painful

I realize what I am about to write is a bit controversial, but right now I’m thankful to the pharmaceutical minds that brought us infant Tylenol. Here’s why.

Tonight my son had been asleep for only 30 minutes when he woke up screaming. After running through the checklist (food, diapers, gas, etc.), the “Family Guy” scene played in my head: a tooth pops through Stewie’s gum screaming, “I’m free!” while the baby swears in pain. My baby boy, like his evil-animated-counterpart, is teething. His bottom teeth are breaking through and tonight they violently invaded his dreams.

Hugs, swings and cold-teething rings didn’t alleviate his pain. As he wirthed in pain, I felt useless. So after an hour of hard crying, breath holding and hyperventilating (not to mention, head butting and neck squeezing), I broke down and did the only thing I could. I give him a dropper of infant Tylenol (less than the recommended dosage). Within minutes, he calmed down and fell asleep in my arms.

When Breaking Through is Painful

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