Eyes Shut Tight

I have a confession to make: I haven’t been to the gym in nearly two weeks. My excuses are numerous and normal. I’ve been sick, baby is teething and now hubby is sick. So my 4AM wake-up calls are on hold (except for when the aforementioned infant cries).

Here’s the crazy thing. My post-preg weight loss is in full swing. Sure, the stomach bug didn’t hurt, but instead of working out I’m sleeping more—going to bed a bit earlier, napping when the baby does (which isn’t that much), and sleeping in (when I can).

Science has been touting this nightly occurrence as a magic health elixir for years. The National Sleep Foundation recommends seven to nine hours a night. But, really who has the time? When I recently read a Glamour article, I decided to find the time since doing so could have a profound effect on my body and my goal to lose the baby weight. And it has. I’ve lost nearly four pounds.

Unfortunately, I have to return to my sleep-deprived existence. I have a baby and a husband who are both miserable to take care of and deadlines to hit. But when all is done (is it really ever?), I’ll go back to my seven piece-mealed hours of shut eye.

Eyes Shut Tight

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