My Moo

Moo helping me write

I have a kitty. He’s black, white and big in every way—size, heart and patience. Today he has out done himself. He allowed baby A to pound on him as if he was a set of bongos. Here are five other reasons why I love Lil’ Moo:

1. He is the only one willing to get up with me at 4AM. Granted, he wants to be fed but he still makes me feel loved.

2. He lets me clean the junk in his eyes and pet him no matter how much he dislikes it.

3. He always keeps me company while I work (see photo).

4. No matter how much his smaller but older sister, Pumpkin, hisses and swats him, he takes it.

5. He is my little boy and without him I may have never thought that I could have been a baby momma.

My Moo

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