Being a Woo! Girl

You know about the “Woo!” girls (usually drunk and at a party—fraternity, bachelorette or otherwise). But, have you ever wondered: what is it about this sound that makes us feel so good?

Today  during one of the final intervals of climbing and sprinting in my spinning class, a number of us (me included) shouted out “woo!” And you know what? As I uttered that sound, it helped. It helped diminish the burning in my lungs, legs and head. It helped me go faster and feel stronger. It helped me get through one of the longest two minutes of my fitness life.

Research has shown that talking to yourself during activities can help you perform better. But, I don’t see this as self-talk; especially because it felt more like a release. As that “Woo” left my mouth, I was energized and lighter. It was almost as if it had been weighing me down.

So the next time I’m trying to complete a difficult task or chore, I think I’ll let out a “Woo!” and see if its feel-good effects can transform even the most mandate of tasks. Washing dishes. Woo! Getting through a revise. Woo! Cleaning floors. Woo! We’ll see.

Being a Woo! Girl

2 thoughts on “Being a Woo! Girl

  1. Sam Mittelsteadt says:

    I will say “Woo!” if you ever show up with Alexander again in the office.

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