Food as Medicine is Good Taste

I’m sure that you’ve heard the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has gone after Cherrios for drug-like health claims such as, “lower your cholesterol by 4% in 6 weeks.” They’re also muffed at the cereal company for not giving fruits and vegetables their props in this preventative heart disease claim. Which got me thinking: Isn’t food the best drug for what ails us?

Food fuels our body with energy that’s made up of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytosterols, protein, etc. All of which helps our bodies function, fight off disease, reduce inflammation and stay healthy. Kind of sounds like a drug, doesn’t it?

When you’re sick with a cold or flu, chicken noodle soup make you feel better thanks to its protein and the amino acids and spices it contains. We know that getting the recommended amount of fiber in your diet (25 to 30 grams of roughage) can not only keep things moving smoothly but decrease your risk of colon cancer. Green tea and red wine have both appeared as the latest elixirs to promise long life and good health by helping decrease your chances of getting heart disease, certain cancers and diabetes. All of it sounds very medicinal.

And that’s alright by me. So if the FDA wants to go to the mat with my breakfast cereal, let it. The science supports the claims. We know the labelling sells the cereal (Cherrios is the best selling cerealbrand in the U.S.) But most of all, it drives home that food makes us thrive. I like to know that each time I choose to eat something, I’m making a choice for health (even if it’s for my mental health). This is just one of the many ways that eating fills me up.

Food as Medicine is Good Taste

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