If I Twittered…

You would probably see these tweets:

  • It’s 4:30 AM and there is a line at the Starbucks drive-thru six cars long. Thank you to all the employees who rise earlier than me.
  • Thank you to the nice cashier at Paradise Bakery Cafe that got a highchair for Baby A, waited for us to pick a table and set up the chair.
  • We couldn’t be luckier that Moo kitty is so gentle. Baby A is really pounding on him.
  • Kick Ass Spin class! Can’t wait for Monday (or Friday).
  • I have a wonderful husband who helps me take care of our son; especially at 6 AM.

Thrilling stuff, isn’t? While these gratuitous thoughts send out positive vibes in a world that tends to see glasses as half full, they’re not exciting or, even remotely, interesting.  I’ll leave it to more insightful people, such as the engineers repairing the Hubble telescope to twitter.

If I Twittered…

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