7 Random Things I Can Tell You…

I’m always amazed at the crazy stuff that I can remember, and even more so when I recall it or it becomes useful. Since it is List Day here at Thank You Everything, here are Seven Things  I Can Tell You…But You Probably Don’t Need to Know.

1. Ask me if Muscle & Fitness Hers ran a photo of an exercise or a particular model or did an article on a subject between 2000 and 2003. I will be able to tell you the issue, what the cover looks like and possibly even the title of the article. When it comes to photo requests, I can usually tell you the model, her outfit and the photographer.

2. Identify my friend Cy’s clients by the property they bought or sold and some detail of the transition. This tends to score me serious friend Brownie points and surprises me when I’m able to remember these people I’ve never met.

3.Where most women’s magazine editors worked before they were at the job they are currently holding. Since I was young I was fascinated by the mastheads in magazines and always read them. I still do and in my line of work this has served me well.

4. On that same note, I can remember whether a health & fitness magazine that I read regularly (and there are only a few that I don’t) published a certain kind of workout in the last two years. Again, this has been a professional godsend.

5. Outfits that I have worn to past events, whether they were last week or ten years ago. And it doesn’t matter the significance. I could tell you what I wore to lunch with my husband last week, to the Natural Foods Expo in 2005 or sorority rush in 1989.

6. Speaking of sorority, I can remember all the words to every rush song I ever sang. The scary thing is that I still sing them because they are the only songs that  pop in my head when I need to soothe my son. Who knows if that will have an effect on him later—except that he’ll want to be a Tri-Delta.

7. This next thing isn’t current knowledge, but the fact that I was able to remember this was pretty remarkable in my opinion. When I was a cocktail waitress, I waited on 44 tables in the restaurant I worked in. I always could remember what each person was drinking.

There you have it. The seven random things that I can tell you but you probably don’t care to know. I’m sure there is more that I have forgotten but, I would wager that things will wiggle to the front of my mind sooner or later.

7 Random Things I Can Tell You…

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