Flying The Solitary Skies

Four hours of uninterrupted air space can be magical. No cell phones. No Internet. Just me crammed into a seat with a couple hundred of my closest strangers flying thousands of feet over the earth. This seat allows me to read a magazine (or even a book!), nap, write or sit and do nothing. All of these things are luxuries—even when they occur on a turbulent, cross-country flight that is accompanied by a boy’s colorful commentary of dead pilots and us going down. Yay.

Despite all of this, I’m surprised how much I enjoyed my flight. As a kid I loved traveling by airplane, but as I grew older and flying changed in the post 9/11 era, my admiration dissolved. This leg of my journey hasn’t made me have a change of heart, but for now, I appreciate that I can sit down and do whatever I choose and not be distracted by all that technology has to offer.

Flying The Solitary Skies

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