If I Twittered … (The Snarky Version.)

Thank you to restaurants that serve full menu at the bar. Good food, interesting people and sports.

Hmm. Carrot cake or grilled veggie platter for dinner. Carrots are a vegetable, right?

Decided on the grilled veggie platter. Yum!

Come on, Blackhawks. Score! (Unfortunately, they didn’t survive overtime)

I love that we live in a country where Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow can poke fun at people in the news. When you think about it, public figures are humorous.

Still thinking about the carrot cake.

Man Cow experiences waterboarding and changing his mind about whether it’s torture. Really? He had go through it to decide that?

When did I limit my vocabulary to only 100 words?

(To get more snark, visit my friend Mo at The Daily Snark)

If I Twittered … (The Snarky Version.)

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