Fairy Grandparents

For the last week, our house has been grandparent haven. First, my mom came to visit Baby A and then my father-in-law came to help take care of him as I flew to DC. He just left and the house seems a bit quieter but not in a good way.

My FIL has a great energy to him when he’s with Baby A. Honestly, the kid eats it up—following him around the house, giggling at him, and looking for him when he’s gone. My son’s relationship with is Ya-Ya (Greek for grandma) is different. While FIL is more the rough-houser, she takes care of him. Granted she plays with him, but she’s a care-taker first. Either way, they give M and me a break.

No matter what their relationship is with Baby A, I’m glad they have one. I lost my grandma and my Nono (Italian for grandpa) when I was very young and had a bit of a strained one with my Nona (Italian for grandma). These relationships were important to me and I hope that as Baby A grows older he appreciates them.

Fairy Grandparents

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