The Lady of the House

Pumpkin nappingI’m surrounded by boys. Well, not entirely. There’s Pumpkin, our smallest and oldest kitty. But don’t be fooled by this demure 11-pound cat, she rules with an iron paw. With one glance, Baby A knows not to touch her. She swats her brother (see My Moo), a cat who is double her size, and he backs down. She demands to be petted but only in the bathroom or on our bed. She is the lady of the house.

Each night she sits with me in bed. It’s our time. No M, no A, no Moo. It’s the girls’ time. Sometimes we just sit, other times we play and most of the time I pet her (until she’s had enough and walks to the other side of the bed). And despite her gruff disposition, she does care about her brothers–Moo and A. When Moo is unsuccessful waking me up at 5 AM to be fed, she walks on me to wake me up. When A is looking out the window, she comes and sits by him sometimes or looks over him from the bed while he plays on the floor below.

Together, we keep the boys in line. And I’m happy that each night we can carve out some time to take care of each other.

The Lady of the House

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