Baby Moments

Baby A. and I were on our own this weekend. M. is traveling for work and there are times when I enjoy having everyone and everything to myself. But what happened this weekend melted my heart. Each night when I put my very tired son to bed, he held on to my finger until he fell asleep.

It was this angelic image I imagined throughout the days as Hurricane A. harassed Moo, chased down Pumpkin, emptied any cabinet that may still have stuff in it, and refused to nap. It is this image that I chose to focus on as I closed my eyes and went to sleep instantly.

As he gets older, A. gets more independent. No longer does he fall asleep on me or rests his head on my shoulder when I hold him. He’s too much of a wiggly worm for these quiet actions. Baby moments like the ones we shared at bedtime this weekend are more precious than ever.

Baby Moments

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