Powering Down

Last night an area of west Los Angeles lost power. (Apparently a faulty cable was to blame—nice to know that even cities have wiring problems.) I live in that area. For two and a half hours, I couldn’t watch television, listen to the baby monitor, check my Facebook page or use a light. At first I was a little stir crazy because I just wanted to know why I was sitting in the dark reading by flashlight. But then, when M and YaYa returned with takeout and candles. My mindset changed. Outside, the street was dark and inside, my apartment was lit by candlelight. It was peaceful.

Thinking back on the evening today, it was nice to be technology free. It was nice to just sit and talk because there was really nothing else to do. Sure, the power went out and it made driving a nightmare for those on the road but, for those of us at home the lack of electricity’s white noise allowed us to power down.

Powering Down

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