The Playground Set

Yesterday’s stroller adventure was to Westwood Park. There lies a playground that has numerous sections for the kids to play depending on their age and interest. It’s also the place where parents meet. The opening line, much like a pick up line, “How old is he (or she)?” From there shared experiences are discussed, warnings from parents of older to younger children are given, and directions about respect are issued.

Who needs one of the thousands of mommy social sites on the internet when I have my local park? Honestly, I probably do since I can have some of my more embarrassing questions answered under a screen name rather than face-to-face. But here is the thing about the playground set, it isn’t just my son who gets some socialization, it’s me too. I get to talk, no baby babbling, to someone. I get to discuss in real time how Baby A knows when I’m working and on the phone with a mom who is experiencing the same thing. I get to use my words—actually vocalize them!

So I’m happy to join the playground set. May Baby A and I forge a few friendships while we’re there.

The Playground Set

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