Time to Swing

I just spent 45 minutes trying to get Baby A down for a nap. Finally, I gave up my mommy pride that he has to sleep in his crib and put him in the swing. He was asleep in five.

The swing has been a godsend. When sleep training wasn’t working, the swing lulled him. When teeth may him scream with pain, the swing calmed him. When we had no furniture (oh, what. That’s still the case.), at least Baby A had the swing to sit in. And now that he is nearly one, he is graduating to the big league of swings—the ones at the playground.

This past weekend when we went to the park with M in tow; we put Baby A on the swing. No longer would he swing alone. There he swings with other boys and girls. He’s learning to be social—smiling at them, waving at them, and screaming in delight with them.

I forsee Baby A swinging for a long time. It’s always been my favorite toy in the playground.

Time to Swing

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