When the Phone Rings at 3 AM…

do you answer it?

If I hear it, I do. (I sleep pretty deeply. Once I slept through a 6.1 earthquake.) Usually, if I’m getting a phone call at that time, there’s someone in need. No, I’m not a cape crusader or any other superhero; I’m just a friend—a loyal one, or at least I like to think so. When it comes to my close knit of friends, I would do anything and that is why today I am so grateful to one in particular.

Yesterday when I found myself in a situation where I desparately needed someone, Cy was there for me. She and her mom dropped everything to be at my side (and more importantly, watch over Baby A). I feel so blessed to have her as my friend. Not only her, but all of those in my circle. I know that each one of them would have done what she did if they had gotten the call. Because they’re my family, I would do the same…even if they call on me at three o’clock in the morning.

When the Phone Rings at 3 AM…

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