Feel the Music

"The Greek"Last night I saw Tori Amos at The Greek Theater in Griffith Park. I love going to see musicians perform. There’s something about experiencing the rhythms and the melodies in person that can’t be beat.

However, there can be some drawbacks. Specifically, people taking pictures with a flash was extremely distracting. If you’ve ever seen Tori Amos in concert, you know that she is an impressive keyboardist. She plays two of her three keyboards simultaneously (there are two on her right side and one on her left and straddles the piano bench) while singing. As you can imagine the flashes were like a strobe light. So I closed my eyes.

As soon as I did, her voice wrapped around me like a warm blanket. I could feel the drums’ beat travel through my body and each note that the keyboard chimed dropped like dew on my skin. For the first time during the concert, I really heard the music. I wasn’t distracted by the people and what they were doing.

To me, this is the way to enjoy some concerts. And Tori Amos was just incredible.

Feel the Music

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