The Ma-Ma Sisterhood

The night Alexander was born, my mom said to me: “Welcome to the sorority that is motherhood.” And while our relationship has changed (in a good way) after that night, she was right. Mothers have a camaraderie unlike anything I’ve experienced, especially today.

This morning Baby A and I went for our walk to the coffee shop that we frequent. When I ordered my iced coffee, the woman behind the counter asked “Regular or Decaf?” Could she see that I only slept about four hours last night because A decided he wanted to wake up at 5AM? Yes, she could and not only that, she understood. Her 20-month-old daughter was in a stage of 5 o’clock in the morning wakings. The two of us commiserated about trading sleep for a clean house and the yearning to have our kids sleep until 7 AM again.

Later at the park, A. started playing with a baby girl the same age as he. They started out sharing her ball but eventually my rambunctious son ended up playing catch with her mom. (He loves playing with balls and can for hours.) The woman was so sweet to entertain my son and I tried to reciprocate the favor to her daughter since A. had bogarted the play and the mommy. Baby girl mommy and I talked about baby shoes, development and boy-girl baby differences. It was very natural and you would have thought that the two families had known each other for awhile, not for the 30 minutes our kids were playing.

This also happens virtually. Thousands of mommy social networks prove this, but I tend to experience it on Facebook with the women that I went to high school and college. Post a question and answers will come. Just today a friend asked those with two-year-olds what time does their child wakes (There seems to be a theme, don’t you think?) and the answers came. There is also support and kudos. For women (like myself) who can find themselves at home with just baby and kitties daily it’s comforting to know that there is someone on the other end of the keyboard experiencing (or who experienced) many of the things we are.

Joining the Ma-Ma sisterhood was one of the many surprises about becoming a mother. I’m so glad it’s a good one.

The Ma-Ma Sisterhood

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