Find a Way to Play

Since having Baby A, I play more than work. For more than eight years, I wrote and edited from my desk in the spare bedroom of my home. Then my office was converted to the baby’s room and things have never really been the same. There are times that I forget this huge life change was for the better personally.

You see, I’m a work horses. We’ll work 24/7 if we could (that’s how much time we need to get everything done). But after having A. I had to stop that merry-go-around. Baby boy needs my undivided attention most of the day and nap time is always a conundrum for me: Nap Or Work?

Today I realized that all this playing catch and peek-a-boo, making up stories, and singing has been good for me creatively. My mind wonders more and composes sentences for projects that I’m working on. I’m a bit more relaxed and I definitely sleep better. I can’t believe that taking the advice of Elmo could do wonders for my psyche.

Once a day find a way to say: let’s play.

Find a Way to Play

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