The Mundane

Looking at my house, you can tell that cleaning isn’t high on my must-do list. There are too many other things on my need-to-do list. Luckily, there are a couple of things  I enjoy: balancing my checkbook and laundry.

When my checkbook is balanced, I feel like my life is in order. Today I spent the better part of my free time —about three hours—doing it. I was astonished to see that I haven’t for three months. No wonder I felt so frazzled, so stressed. Not anymore. Just going through everything and making some credit card payments has made me feel lighter. A huge burden has been lifted. WHEW.

As for laundry, it calms me. There is something about the sorting, the timing and the folding that I find relaxing. I can’t put my finger on it, but I really enjoy doing this chore—always have. [Sorry, I won’t do yours.]

Is there a household chore you like to do? Maybe even savor? If so, share.

The Mundane

6 thoughts on “The Mundane

  1. Household chores are the best thing in the world when you are depressed or upset, you can just go into a cleaning frenzy and forget about yourself.

    No one actually likes chores do they? But I think the chore that gives me the biggest satisfaction is cleaning my car. It’s great when you get back in it and it smells fresh and it’s gleaming. It never lasts (like most chores) but at least for a while it looks like you have made a decent effort!

  2. Mo says:

    Vacuuming the carpet gives me satisfaction like no other chore. I like the immediate gratification of it—the nice orderly lines and patterns in the carpet make me feel like I’ve really accomplished something. And Even if nothing else has been done, it’s an easy way to fake a clean house.

    The one thing I do every single day, though? Make the bed. The house can be immaculate but if the bed is unmade? Forget it. Totally stresses me out.

    (I’m not sure what this says about me, but I haven’t balanced my checkbook in about two years. I do, however, go online almost daily to check on everything. Does that count?)

  3. Wow. That sounds like quite the task. In this last move I donated most of our books since I couldn’t stand the clutter anymore.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Totally agree. They’re also a great procrastination tool. I usually can’t work if my house is a disaster area (and with a 1-year-old that is more so than not).

    Good to see you here. Thank you.

  5. Mo, I’m so with you on the bed thing. A unmade bed drives me bananas. Not to mention, Princess Pumpkin gets distressed when the bed isn’t perfect for her to lay upon all day.

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