The Wanderer

As an only child, there are things about me that I know are not necessarily well suited  for mommyhood. For instance, I need to have complete alone time at least once a day or else I get grumpy. It doesn’t have to be long; however, 30 minutes would happen in a perfect world. But when you’re a mom of a pre-toddler, you can’t even go to the bathroom without a little someone crawling in. Normally, I do get some time. However this past week hasn’t really been conducive for that to happen so when the chance to take a walk all by my lonesome presented itself I jumped at it.

What was supposed to be a quick jaunt to the grocery store turn into an hour long meander through Westwood Village. No stroller in tow. No husband to share it with. No email or phone calls that needed to be sent, answered or made. First, I got a coffee then I went to the grocery store. From there I took the long way around and ended up at a boutique I used to shop at frequently, Monica’s on Broxton. There I browsed for a while. (There are two things that I’m thinking about.) Basically, I just wandered. I didn’t think about anything of importance but just walked where my feet took me.

Eventually, I made my way home and now that I’m here I miss the wanderer.

The Wanderer

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