When in Doubt, Buy Staples

I like going to the grocery store, but I hate planning my meals prior to shopping. So when I’m not inspired by the aisles of pretty packaging I know that I can feed my family with these three staples:

Fage Yogurt. This thick creamy Greek yogurt is my favorite. Turns out it’s Baby A’s too. And, finally I convinced M to ditch the sweet crap for it. Now, the problem is I can’t seem to buy enough of it.

Egg whites. I can create any kind of omelet with whatever is in the refrigerator with a carton of egg whites. It creates the perfect dish—protein and vegetable in one.

Frozen vegetables. I especially keep chopped onions on hand because you never know when you may need them and it saves so much time. But otherwise, frozen vegetables can be cooked with pasta for an easy and quick pasta primavera or sauteed and served over rice.

Time to share! What are some of your food staples?

When in Doubt, Buy Staples

One thought on “When in Doubt, Buy Staples

  1. Mom says:

    Poached chicken breasts, sliced into serving sizes. Defrost and put on cold rice or pasta. Mix with veggies or toss into omelettes.
    Your favorite Salsa mixed into any “Ho Hum” receipe could make it a new favorite!

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