Catching Up

I haven’t written here for a week but Jennifer Aniston and my orange cargo pants have kept this blog busy.

Last week’s inactivity started when my laptop’s hard drive decided it was done. After two and half years it decided it wanted to retire. It’s gift to me: lots of lost work on deadline. Granted, I had backed up my laptop just before our move but that was two months ago and I’ve done quite a bit since then. I know it could be worse. However, that didn’t stop the malaise that set in. Who knew that a computer crashing could send me into a depression tailspin? Then I realized that it was the freedom my computer gives me that I was mourning—the ability to multi-task throughout the day. I blog, tweet and email between walks, naps and Sesame Street. Without my laptop, I would need to pop back to the desktop and hope that Baby A would be in one piece when I returned. I felt cut off.

Thanks to AppleCare I didn’t spend a dime for the new hard drive and it was ready before they thought it would be. I still haven’t set up the laptop—it’s such a big task it overwhelms me a bit. Instead, I have been enjoying my days playing with Baby A. One thing this experience has taught me is that I should be present more—and back my computer up weekly.

Catching Up

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