A Belated Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Baby A!A week ago, it was Baby A’s first birthday. I was too busy making preparations to post. I was a bad mommy.The day was pretty momentous. Not just because he turned one, but because a lot has happened over this year (LA to Phoenix and back, new jobs, new friends, new family). I would like to thank Baby A for a tremendous year and the things that he has taught me.

1. Smile at everyone. Each person deserves a smile to brighten their day. One from a baby boy is especially potent but even when I grin to passerbys and wish them a good day, I sometimes see moods change.

2. Laugh a lot.  Yesterday, he convince the greeter at our bank to play Uh-oh (he drops object, someone picks up object) with him. He started laughing—hard, deep chuckles. Within three minutes, Baby A had an audience of 10 people laughing with him. He and I giggle a lot over nothing, but his laugh was contagious to a bunch of strangers.

3. We all have untapped strengths. During the first week or so that Baby A was home, he was getting up every 90 minutes and I was recovering from the C-section. At some point, he kicked my incision. The pain was unbearable but I decided that this little creature still needed me and I continued to feed him despite it. In the last year, I have been tested in all sorts of ways and manage to get through each one, even when I thought I wouldn’t.

4. Patience. Before baby, I would see women in the suburb that we lived in yelling at their children (sometimes babies) for whatever reason. I was scared to death that I would be one of those moms. To my surprise (and to that of many of my friends), I am amazingly patient when it comes to A. Granted, I do have my moments but they’re nothing like the displays I saw in stores and parking lots around Southern Cal. (Deep breaths and sighs help defuse quite a bit.)

5. Life is more than just me. In a previous post I mentioned that I am an only child. I was brought up volunteering and caring for others so I’ve always known that I am only a small part in the wide world of others. Like others, I had gotten into the rut of wanting—wanting the latest shoes, bags, or jeans; wanting a bigger house; wanting to climb the career ladder. When I got pregnant, I knew that had to change; and now that A. is here, it has. Life just seems a bit fuller. Introducing him to all the experiences, places and people that this place has to offer makes me see things in a new light. He has reintroduced me to a whole new outlook and I am sure each year I will discover more. I can’t wait.

A Belated Happy Birthday

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