I’ve Got a Crush


My Current Shoe Crush
My Current Shoe Crush

Currently, I’m lusting after a pair of Tory Burch “Anya” Huarache Sandals. They’re ridiculously expensive and for some reason I want them. Nevermind that I bought a pair for $20 (albeit not in gold) when I was in high school. Nevermind that I’m stalking my postman for checks. Nevermind that fall is around the corner. I dream of these shoes and all the outfits that they’ll breathe new life into.



My Long-Lasting Shoe Crush.
My Long-Lasting Shoe Crush.

The last time I had such a shoe crush was last spring (or, maybe two summers ago). I first saw the silver Stuart Weitzman Gladio sandal and fell in love. I had other expenses so I settled for admiring them from afar. “Eventually, I’ll get them,” I thought. Then I got pregnant and gained 60 pounds (mostly in my feet). There was no way that I was going to buy the shoes then. I still pine for those shoes.


I know these wants are just that—wants. Having either pair won’t fulfill my life, but I enjoy how they spark my imagination and for a brief moment, expand my closet in my head.

I’ve Got a Crush

One thought on “I’ve Got a Crush

  1. Mom says:

    Your Anya” huaraches are on EBay as I type. One pair are a size 9.5 for $19.95. The other pair are 8.5 for 25.50. This last pair has 5 bids in and will run 5 more days. Check it out!

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