Morning Person

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I am no stranger to waking up early. Since we’ve moved back to Los Angeles though, Baby A wakes me up. No more. Today I start my being-productive-while-you-sleep mornings. Now that A is older and M needs to be at work earlier, I need mornings to be my time: my time to write, my time to work, my time to read.

I came to this conclusion of repurposing the way I approached my mornings when I was staying up too late and not spending time with M. By the time the baby is in bed I don’t feel like working (though I should). Instead I want to enjoy the little time each day we have together, but can’t because I’m worrying about what I need to be doing. The cycle ends today.

The house is still. The streets are quiet. My tea is ready. I am awake and ready for my day to begin. It’s a good thing I’ve always been a morning person.

Morning Person

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