5 Fabulous Foods I Can’t Live Without

For some reason, I haven’t been the gung ho grocery shopper that I am normally. It could be that I’m not cooking as much. But I have been living on the following foods:

1. FAGE Greek Yogurt. (I’ve mentioned this recently) This thick creamy Greek yogurt is my favorite—happens to be Baby A’s too. I finally got M. to ditch the overly sugared crap for it and now, with a bit of honey, it’s his favorite too.

2. Zen Muffins, preferrably the raspberry/blueberry oat variety. These are high fiber, naturally sweet, and vegan. I started eating these for breakfast when I commuted 40 miles on the 405 freeway to work. They’re the perfect car breakfast.

3. Yogurt cheese. M. discovered this cheese at Trader Joe’s. It’s dairy without the lactose-induced issues. Best part is that it melts well.

4. Almond Butter. I could eat freshly ground nut butter by the spoonful. This is childhood on a spoon for me. The Scottsdale Whole Foods offers to grind almonds with chocolate. Yum! Especially when served on a toasted whole wheat bagel (that’s still warm) topped with raspberry whole fruit spread or bananas.

5. Ice Cream. I think this post says it best.

5 Fabulous Foods I Can’t Live Without

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