The New Work Week

Last Friday I planned my whole day around going to the DMV. Silly me! It and many other state and city agencies are closed on Fridays because of budget concerns. And it isn’t only the state and the City of Los Angeles who are doing this. Friends that I used to work with took a 10 percent cut in their salaries and as a result, the company instituted work-at-home half-day Fridays. Cutting the work week down makes me wonder: Could this recession make us finally slow down?

Before becoming a freelance writer, I used to work early mornings, late nights, and weekends. I wanted to get ahead. When I was laid off, my workaholic tendencies didn’t wane—I had a business to grow. But then, my writing business was where I wanted it and I started listening to the natural flows of my creativity. The result was: I only worked half days on Wednesdays and eventually I stopped going to the computer on weekends. In essence, I had a three-day weekend.

I think many of us dream of such a weekend, now it’s happening. While the economic toll is sad, it may just do wonders for our collective mental state. Imagine having more time to develop relationships, interests or hobbies. Imagine having time to get through the never ending to-do lists and finish with time to enjoy the weekend. Imagine resting and perfecting the act of doing nothing. Sounds like a great new work week to me.

The New Work Week

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