An Economic Virus?

I haven’t been feeling well. Mostly I’m fatigued that surfaces as malaise which in turn makes me feel like a blob. Something must be going around.

Last month (on my birthday no less) M went to the ER for symptoms that could have been those of a heart attack—dizziness, light-head, nausea, extreme fatigue. It wasn’t one, thank goodness. But the trip was enough to scare him into re-evaluating his non-stop working habits and eating.

So we cleaned up our diet, started taking vitamins again and tried to relax. You’d think I would feel great. (He does.) No. I’m craving sweets like an obsessed seven-year-old (haven’t done that since I was pregnant); my pee is the color of a 1980’s fluorescent yellow t-shirt I used to own and my sleep isn’t so restful. What’s up?

Like many people, the economy has got me down. Moving twice in a year didn’t help our financial picture and add that most of my checks didn’t find their way to my Arizona mailbox, money has been tight.

Today I am thankful that my mailbox dance was fruitful. I received one of many reissued checks. It’s nice to work for money. Doing so has made me feel a bit better—even though I’m sure the clean eating hasn’t hurt. And I still think there’s a bug going around.

An Economic Virus?

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