Remember When Traveling Was an Event?

Sunrise at Malpensa airport taken by Franco Follini
Sunrise at Malpensa airport taken by Franco Follini

I started my day driving a friend and her mom to the airport. A pretty innocuous event, except that when I arrived at her apartment both of them were dressed. Hair, makeup and nice clothes. No sweats, flip-flops or ponytails between them. It was nice.

When I was young, I flew a lot. My parents were divorced which meant plenty of trips between Chicago or Phoenix and California. It was exciting. Each time I would dress nicely so I look good for whomever was picking me up on the other end. (Well, the exception would be the Christmas I spent with my dad and didn’t brush my very long hair for 10 days.)

Today when I travel I still believe that it is an event—an adventure—and I should be dressed well. Other travelers don’t. Red eye flights aren’t slumber parties. You can dress cute and comfortable (Thank you, Juicy Couture sweatsuits—the perfect overnight flying uniform.), just as my friend and her mom were today. And in my humble opinion, I think people treat you better and vice versa when you are dressed.

While I realize that we aren’t Rachel Zoe and that we’ll be stepping off planes photograph ready for the blare of paparazzi flashes. Consider dressing for yourself, the airline crew and the person at the other end of your travels. You might just be thankful for the good service and the warm smile awaiting you.

Photo by Franco Follini CC
Remember When Traveling Was an Event?

4 thoughts on “Remember When Traveling Was an Event?

  1. Oh Fashionable One! Of course, Juicy Couture sweats are not dressing up. However, they are a vast improvement over the dishevelment that I have witnessed on red-eye flights. They are only acceptable on said flights.

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