How You Know That It’s Fall in LA

Even though the calendar said autumn began in September, yesterday was the first day that it was chilly and the air was crisp. That’s how fall rolls in SoCal style.

The other way you know that it’s autumn, the proliferation of women wearing Ugg boots (usually while also wearing shorts but not always).  Being from the midwest by way of Palm Springs, this is a bit funny to me. I don’t see more women wearing coats during this time of year just these outdoor sheepskin slippers. [Full disclosure:  I own a pair, but they are leather with a heavy lug sole and I bought them five years ago for a Christmas trip to Chicago. I rarely wear them unless it’s raining.]

The other thing that happens here is that the scarves come out. Shorts, Uggs and scarves. It isn’t really cold here until we put pants on, I guess. Luckily, I never followed these surfer girl trends. (They’re cute on surfer girls, and I’m far from being one.) Instead, I look forward to wearing my jeans every day, allowing most of my closet to see the light of day (I own lots of lightweight sweaters and boots) and to contemplate which shoes to wear instead of slipping on flip-flops or sandals. This is my favorite season: sports-wise, weather-wise and fashion-wise. Now, it’s time to go bask in it’s glow (or shiver in it’s wind).

How You Know That It’s Fall in LA

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