A Jolt Out of Hazy Days

Normally, most of us go about our days with no real drama, no real a-ha moments and no real notice. But sometimes something occurs that jolts you out of that haze and makes you think about your future, your family and, even, what you’ll do the next day. Loss of a job can have that effect and so can a close relative being ill or a new relation joining your immediate family.

Without getting into specifics, during the past two years I have had many days that stop “The Groundhog Day” cycle. And while there is a part of me who wishes that they would end, there is another that is glad that they happen. Days that upset the norm make me re-evaluate my life, take stock in what I have and wonder about the future. Without these occurrences, I’d move day-to-day like a Bill Murray movie.

A Jolt Out of Hazy Days

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