“Here’s a Crazy Idea”

M. and I utter these words to each other often. Sometimes the idea is a miss, other times it’s a hit. Like when I said those words to him last Thursday morning.

I was supposed to be taking off in a jet plane to the windy city with Baby a in tow, but  G’s illness (see Notes from a Small Hospital) made me postpone the trip. However, before planning my trip to Chicago to attend my Aunt G.’s 80th birthday, I had planned to go to the city by the bay to run/walk with 10,000s of women in the NIKE Women’s Half-Marathon as I have for the past five years.  Needless to say, I had scrapped the San Francisco plans to head to the Midwest. But on Wednesday night after I found out that G would be resting until his surgery was scheduled, I thought: “Why not run?”

So I made the crazy-idea phone call to Mike on Thursday morning, and here’s the thing, he answered with an enthusiastic “Let’s do it!” What’s more amazing: that’s the norm for us. One of us has an idea to move to another state, take a trip cross-country or start a business and, if it isn’t too ridiculous, we do it. It as made life a bit fun and unpredictable. For the most part, the outcomes have been good ones.

On Sunday, I set a personal record time for this course. Granted, I ran half of it, which I didn’t train to do. Normally, I racewalk it but I decided to keep up with my friend B. And, even though I am so sore today that I can barely walk, I’m so glad we made the trip. It made me realize that many things can be accomplished with fleeting crazy ideas (like running nearly 13.1 miles).

“Here’s a Crazy Idea”

2 thoughts on ““Here’s a Crazy Idea”

  1. Awesome!! A half marathon is certainly nothing to sneeze at! (I’ve never quite understood the meaning of that…but you get what I’m saying…$

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