We’re Two

This week marks M and my two-year anniversary. We’ve decided to keep it low-key because the marriage has been eventful—in a good way (kind of).

Our union was bound in Las Vegas with 30 of our closest friends and family. It was a party weekend and things haven’t slowed down since. I got pregnant right away and nine months later Baby A was born. Sold our condo just as the bottom was dropping out of the real estate market. We moved to Phoenix and back. Dealt with professional obstacles along the way. And the whole time, we’ve been on the same page. (See “Here’s a Crazy Idea”). We’re lucky.

Marriage is difficult—no news flash there. Each day I feel blessed to have a partner in my life that just gets me. (Sometimes we find each other thinking the same thing at the same time.) But also, have a partner who tastes are different enough from mine to keep things interesting. Our marriage complements our lives. We’re two and I’m looking forward to growing up and old together.

We’re Two

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