The 20-Year Itch

At the end of the month, Palm Springs High School’s Class of 1989 will have their 20th reunion. I won’t be there.

It just isn’t in the cards. All the moving parts didn’t fall in line. I didn’t attend my 10-year reunion either. I really had wanted to but my then-inlaws wouldn’t switch the holiday with my parents. So, I ended up in another desert miserable. Which could be the reason why I was looking forward to going this year, despite my own Liz Lemon reunion reality dreams.

All isn’t lost. As my oldest dearest friend pointed out: Because of Facebook, we’ll have more to talk about than what have you been doing for the last 10 or 20 years. In this case: Because of Facebook, I’ve connected with the people I would have wanted to see at my reunion. (There are a few people I still wonder about, but that’s another story.) The social networking site has allowed me to see my high school pals’ kids, support the professional endeavors of producers, musicians, actors and authors that I graduated with, and cheer on those who were making life decisions or falling on rough times. I believe that it will also allow me to keep in contact with these people and try to meet up with them for a drink (coffee or otherwise) when we’re in each other’s hoods.

Thank you Chantal, Beverly, Hyun Sook, Amy, Pam and anyone on the committee that I’m forgetting for planning what I’m sure will be an awesome evening. I look forward to seeing pictures on Facebook.

The 20-Year Itch

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