A Kitty’s Life

Sleeping Pumpkin
Wouldn't you love to spend the day doing this?

In the sitcom “Still Standing” (reruns can be seen on Lifetime), Jaime Gertz’s Mom character gets the flu. Grandmom is visiting. So she marches Jaime upstairs to get well. The episode goes on, Jaime gets well but pretends that she’s still illing so she can take a break. In her sick bed she doesn’t have to worry about cleaning the house, taking care of her children or working. She wants to milk it for all it’s worth. For a short period, she has the life of a kitty.

This morning, I also had a kitty’s life. I’m fighting off something (cold or flu, I’m not sure). I got to sleep in while M took care of Baby A. I even got to take a nap while they went for a walk to get me chicken soup. So I spent the morning in bed with Pumpkin pictured above. She spend each day sleeping on my bed with the only worry being whether Baby A will climb up and bother her. This was my only worry today, too.


A Kitty’s Life

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