Feeding My (Writing) Spirit

Shameless promotion of Tod's latest book

Saturday I went to hear Tod Goldberg read from and discuss his latest collection of short stories, Other Resort Cities at the Mystery Bookstore in Westwood. (It’s a fabulous independent bookseller. I highly recommend checking them out.)

When I can I try to go to Tod’s signings. Not because I have known him for most of my life (we went to high school and college together), but because Tod reminds me about my role as a writer. Specifically, that it is my job not just to inform but to tell stories (Duh).

Here’s the thing: I’m a health journalist and I mostly write articles that tell people to do things to improve theirs through diet and exercise. It’s easy to forget while combing through research to find tips you can use that I, too, have stories to tell.

I do enjoy seeing my old friend and listening to his stories about people who know. However, it is the way that Tod renews my writing spirit, despite his use of the F-word for emphasis.

Feeding My (Writing) Spirit

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