Free Jewelry?

Today on Baby A and my walk into Westwood village, a woman gave me two pearl necklaces: one for me and one for me to give to someone I love. What was the catch? None.

The necklaces were compliments of Dogeared Jewels and Gifts. Basically, they want to send “good energy into the world through personal and positive gifts.” The necklaces are small pearls with cards discussing beauty and love. I’ll be giving both of my necklaces away since Baby a will rip them from my neck. the one of beauty to my friend and neighbor Cy for being such a wonderful friend over the years and the one of love to my mom.

Thank you, Dogeared.

Free Jewelry?

One thought on “Free Jewelry?

  1. I have loved Dogeared forever and still have some of their pieces. What a cool thing they were doing and how great that you were one of the lucky ones! Great story.

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