A (Possibly Twisted) Game to Play This Weekend

If you had to, could you get rid of 50 things today? Either toss, recycle, give away or sell 50 items in your home? M and I used to be able to on a given day, but it’s getting more difficult to reach that quota.

Every once in awhile, usually when the clutter in our house starts getting out of control, we play “50 Things.” [Disclaimer: We didn’t come up with this idea, a friend suggested it.] It’s easy, we go through the house and find things that can go elsewhere and don’t stop until the amount totals 50.

It’s liberating. It’s oddly cleansing and it’s expectantly freeing. We’ve played this game for years. Before I met M. I would always clean my house four times a year as if I were about to move. But now, he tends to instigate our purges. The timing is uncanny: I’m thinking that it’s time to clean, but I’ve decided I have other things to do. Each instance, I’m grateful I took the time to play—50 things.

We have a long weekend coming up so why don’t you play. It allows for charitable donations, gift possibilities and uncluttered closets (the best place to start).

A (Possibly Twisted) Game to Play This Weekend

4 thoughts on “A (Possibly Twisted) Game to Play This Weekend

  1. Sam Part II says:

    I envision you and M each at 49 items, warily circling an empty apartment that now contains only baby A and Moo.

  2. You might be right. Luckily, M. lost a lot of weight in Phoenix so his whole closet turned up as 4 days of 50 things. I need you to go shopping with him.

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