It’s Coat Weather

First of all, I realize that I live in Southern California where the temperature never gets below a balmy 40 degrees, depending on where you live. But I have a closet full of coats and jackets. I believe my obsession is stronger than my shoe fetish. It must be my strong desire to live East, whether it’s New York, Boston, DC or Chicago, that fuels it. And maybe if I was typing this in Chicago where it is supposed to feel like -17 degrees I might feel differently. But I’m not; so my white Christmas fantasies will continue. I digress.

This week not only did we experience rain (hopefully there is more to come this weekend) but our high temp didn’t get past 60. Time to open the coat closet. I have worn four of my 10 coats and jackets. (I realize this doesn’t seem like much, but I live in LA! C’mon.) I’ve worn my London Fog rain coat, my H&M $30 special camel coat, my Elie Tahari down blazer and my vintage brown leather jacket (My family has had this jacket since I was 10. I remember my mom buying it at the Laguna Sawdust Festival. Crazy.)

The cold weather changes the pulse of fashion around here. Sure left-coasters are going to sport the UGGS but then there is another group of us that yearn to be back from where we came (in my case, Chicago) fashionably and it’s cool to see. It is almost as if cold weather make us think more about what we should be wearing. And the responsible thing to me is to choose a coat to plan the rest of my outfit around.

It’s Coat Weather

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