Tea: The Natural Soother

Photo taken by Chumsdock

It used to be that every year the week before Christmas I would get sick—really sick. In fact, I would usually spend December 21 until December 27 in bed. Then, I decided to get a yearly flu shot and all that stopped. Well, until now.

I stopped getting the flu shot when I stopped going to an office and even then I haven’t been sick around the holidays for at least three years. Today, I have a sore throat. You know, the kind that hurts to swallow, the kind that usually turns into something bigger, and the kind that is annoying. That is unless you don’t have tea.

I love tea, especially today. Besides giving relief to the scratchiness in my throat, it is calming. Which is another thing I need since I have more deadlines looming before the holidays begin. So I will sip my tea when I can because Baby A still wants to play. Drum circle anyone?

Tea: The Natural Soother

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