The Perfect Gift: A Mixed CD

Each year, I used to receive a CD from a co-worker. She and her husband would choose the music that would become the soundtrack for their friends’ year—at least mine. I loved receiving these mixed music CDs. So today when I went to the mailbox hoping that the check fairy had stopped by, I was happy to get a package from a new friend with two mixed CDs.

I think that mixed CD or a personalized playlist is an awesome present. Depending on how it is done, there is a lot of time, effort and thought that is put into this compilation. If the person is doing a general CD to give to all of his or her friends, then that person needs to think about which of his music he wants to share with others. Music can be extremely personal and in this case, the giver is sharing a part of his self to many. Now, if the mixed CD is made personally for someone, then the CD can evoke memories, reveal feelings and in some ways tell a story. Either way, it is a sentiment I have, do and will appreciate immensely.

The Perfect Gift: A Mixed CD

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Gift: A Mixed CD

  1. Thanks for stopping by! I can’t take credit for the idea. My friend over at was the one who did it. I how your friends and family will be lucky enough to receive one from you.

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