A Major DO: Bed Rest

Ahh...The Westin Heavenly Bed. I loved this bed so much I bought one. Aaron Gustafson/Creative Commons

Never underestimate the power of bed rest. Christmas night I was congested so I took some NyQuil and went to bed. I woke up yesterday feeling like a semi had hit me. Lucky for me, I have a caring husband and an active father in law who were determine to let me rest. And boy did I! Honestly, I didn’t have a choice since I couldn’t be out of bed for more than 10 minutes without wanting to crawl back into bed because I felt so weak. So I slept and read magazines all day.

Today, I feel nearly 100 percent. I’m still a little bit sore, but the congestion is gone. I have never been one of those people who takes to her bed when she is sick—unless I physically do not have the strength to do so and even then I’m usually still tapping away on my laptop. I had no idea yesterday that I would wake up today feeling so much better.

During this sickness season, I urge you to call in sick and take to your bed to rest if you sneezing, coughing and achy. Not only will you feel better sooner, you won’t spread the germs.

A Major DO: Bed Rest

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