Bloggy Love: The 2009 List Edition

Every year this week, the last week, becomes a hodge-podge of lists—movies, books, TV shows, food, trends, etc. And blogs are not immune. Including this one. However, instead of listing all the things I am thankful for or my favorite books or even my favorite blogs (that’s what the blog roll is for), I thought I would send you to some of my favorite lists recapping lessons learned or things enjoyed in 2009 that you can use in 2010(in no particular order). Enjoy! And I will see you next year (tomorrow).

• Rachel Weingarten’s post “The Best of Times.” I love how she looks back on her successful year with humility and grace.

Sammit’s iTuned In Series about the songs on his iPod has introduced me to new (and old) music. I love Sam’s writing about pop culture and highly recommend that you place him on your favorites.

•Good bye Holiday 2009, what will you be reincarnated as in 2010? That’s what Leah Ingram suggests in her post “3 Ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in 2010.”
•Tod Goldberg’s 8 Days of Lists Series. Usually he  lists his favorite books of the year, which I love, but this year’s replacement lists are an interesting look into a creative mind. If you are looking for book recommendations, head over to Book a Week with Jen.
•If you’re a resolution-making guy or girl, head over to The Happiness Project to find ways to make those things stick.
•Are you on Twitter? If so, head over to WordCount and read Michelle Rafter’s “Lessons Learned from a Year on Twitter.”
Bloggy Love: The 2009 List Edition

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