Why I Love the New Year

Get ready to be introduced to my organizational geek. (Even though M. says I am the most organized unorganized person he has ever met.) I love January 1 because I get to start a new calendar—writing down important dates, transferring to-do notes, and just being excited about a new calendar.

I have tried working with my Blackberry and Treo calendars and I find that they are good backups to my paper one. For on-the-go reference these electronic ones are great, but for calmly organizing my life, I prefer putting pencil (I never write in my calendars in pen) to paper. I have even kept some past ones as makeshift journals of years past. Recently I purged many of them about held on to one or two because of the significance of those years.

So today, I’m filling in by 2010 calendar. Each month and each page hold the promise of a fabulous year.

Why I Love the New Year

2 thoughts on “Why I Love the New Year

  1. Mo says:

    I’m with you on the paper calendars. I love writing all the dates, events and little notes in mine each year. I use the Blackberry for some things, but ultimately I find something comforting about writing things down. Although, I totally use pen!

  2. Pen is too permanent for me. Plus it never fails, when I write an appointment in pen it usually changes and I hate crossouts in my calendar. On my to-do list, love them.

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