I’ve Been Quiet

So far this year I haven’t blogged much. Mostly because Baby A hasn’t napped much. When I do finally make my way to the computer, I just have to do it:  write, research, email, whatever. There is no time to warm-up my brain. The truth is that I miss writing here, but at the same time I’m doing something that I have never really done—chill out.

Here’s the thing about Baby A not napping: It stresses me out. My inner dialogue wigs out that if he doesn’t sleep that I won’t get my work done, I won’t be able to interview, and I won’t be able to cross things off my to-do list. But this year something is different and I’m not sure whether it is because we spent the year fighting a cold or that A. is teething, but I have been able to quiet that tightly-wound voice. Instead, if he doesn’t sleep I enjoy playing more. I’ve never really felt comfortable just being with Baby A—always had to check or compose an email, because I could miss something. What I was missing was my son developing into a little person.

So 2010 may mean a little less blogging (and sleeping) from me but if it means that I can enjoy my family while also providing for them, it’s worth it.

I’ve Been Quiet

One thought on “I’ve Been Quiet

  1. Great post – we do tend to forget that the people in our lives are the most important things sometimes. Emails, phone calls etc. can wait – in fact what did we do before answering machines, cell phones and email? Life moved at a much slower pace and maybe that wasn’t a bad thing… (-: Thanks for the reminder.

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