Stealing a Still Moment

This overly-confident piglet captured busy boy Baby A's attention.

Tonight I sat on the couch with my son watching television. Nestled in the arm-shoulder-torso junction he sat quietly as we watched Olivia. (She and her brother were dancing with their grandmother, which is apapro since it is reflective of this trip.)

His small head rested on me and I could feel him breathing. For once, we were just still together. The busy boy that Baby A is normally had been quieted. The clingy baby boy that has surfaced in the last week was just near. And while we sat and watched this cartoon pig on her adventures I was transformed to the days when A. was an infant and the rhythm of his breathing  and his peaceful energy would lull me to sleep.

This moment was the highlight of my day (and possibly my week). I hope that we have more moments like this one.

Olivia is copyrighted by Ian Falconer.

Stealing a Still Moment

2 thoughts on “Stealing a Still Moment

  1. Hi Carey, Some really nice writing here, which I thought I would check out after our conference call today. I like Olivia, too, and love sharing her with my grand-niece and nephew. Not sure writing about vitamins will be as entertaining or inspiring. Oh, I am going to have to read Confessions of a Mean Mommy!

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